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    Thaddeus David Breaks Through to be #9 Freshest in the Northwest

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    Thaddeus DavidThaddeus David instantly was initially approved by the panel after he was named number 10 Freshest in the Northwest to open the list with a declaration that 5 Moor Gang artists would soon follow by Q Dot and would later climb to #9 passing Neema. Thaddeus has owned the stage getting active draws at his shows opening for some big names this year plus the release of the Trapitol Trill EP and a couple loose singles with a solid video game. There may have been universal love for Thaddeus, but things got difficult quickly when it was announced that Thaddeus beat two artists by only two tenths of a point who were Raz Simone and the PDX veteran Illmaculate.

    The young gunner Raz Simone is hot off a fresh year having released a solid solo EP and an EP with Sam Lachow which preceded a national tour. On the other hand, Illmaculate continues to uphold his battle rapping roots having just came back from his second Europe tour and released the Chron: Legacy EP. Based on the criteria of the past 6-8 months and a passionate speech delivered by Luvva J about paying respects to the battle MC, when D-Money proposed a vote the panel decided to keep Illmaculate alive over Raz 5-1 and to hold the fresh spitting talent for a future list. It quickly became apparent that it was a very close battle now between Thaddeus and Illmaculate as the panel was split if they should honor hip hops roots of battle rapping or expectations and commercial success. In the end, the vote was split 3-3 and it was the fans that spoke giving Thaddeus David the #10 spot! Afterwards, Thaddeus was voted past Neema unanimously to move up to the #9 slot! Did the panel make the right decision on #10? Chime in on the conversation on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #FreshestintheNW

     Stay tuned for the whole TV special on Seattle Community College TV this weekend

    To skip the rules fast forward and go straight to the debates at the 5:35 minute mark of the video.

    Watch it at http://youtu.be/iI3J4MJxLFs.

    Today’s Releases – December 18, 2012

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    Things were busy on the last Tuesday before Christmas as all through the music industry releases were had, especially right home in the Northwest. T.I. dropped his comeback album while Chief Keef dropped his first full length. The-Dream released a re-do, Fool’s Gold dropped a compilation, and the soundtrack for DJango hitting theaters next week is straight fire. Here at home, Dice just put out her first full-length, Illmaculate hooked up with Lawz Spoken for an EP & we have a late pass on last week’s new album from PROPS! Ho! Ho! Ho!

    To cop an album just click the cover of your choice!

    Album releases at http://tinyurl.com/brsmucr updated daily!

    Chief Keef - Finally RichDice - Reflections in Broken GlassDJango Unchained SoundtrackFool's Gold - LoosiesIllmaculate & Lawz Spoken - CHRON: LegacyPROPS! - High as the Stars: The Planet of MarzThe-Dream - 1977T.I. - Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head

    Fresh Juice #113 (August 9, 2012)

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    Every Thursday from 7-9 pm PST on Juice Radio, music director D-Money hosts Fresh Juice featuring all of the station’s new submissions in one dopely packed show along with both the introduction and interviews with winner of the Fresh Coast Faceoff! This week Al-One of the Sandpeople came through for a dope interview in which...

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    Fresh Juice Broadcast June 14, 2012

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    Fresh Juice June 14, 2012 Set List:

    Every Thursday from 7-9 pm PST on Juice Radio, the music director D-Money, hosts Fresh Juice live! This week D recieved a call-in from the Fresh Coast Faceoff winning Bump Dinero all the way from Jacksonville!

    Click here to download the show!

    1. Wordsworth “Joy & Pain” (Rotation)
    2. Gensu Dean “In My Head”
    3. Jon Connor “Soldier”  
    4. Mac Miller & Pharrell 
    5. Wordsmith “Music for the Masses”
    6. Illmaculate ft. Ness Lee “Lost Our Soul” (NW Music)
    7. Danny Brown “Grown Up”  
    8. Hit-Boy
    “Jay-Z Ineterview”
    9. Usher ft. Pharrell “Twisted”
    10. Robin Thicke “All Tied Up”
    11. Frank Ocean “Pyramids”
    12. Interview with Bump Dinero Part 1
    13. XV
    “Be There Be Square”
    14. Serge Severe & Terminill ft. Jon Belz 
    “Rare Flow” (NW Music)
    15. PROPS! ft. Stalley 
    “Fresh & Fly” (NW Music)
    16. Interview with Bump Dinero Part 2
    17. Bump Dinero ft. P. Washington “Rock the Party’” (NW Music)
    18. Big K.R.I.T. “Yeah Dats Me”  
    19. Steezie Nasa ft. Nacho Picasso “Art of War” (NW Music)
    20. Tito Lopez 
    “They Told Me” (Fresh N Def)
    21. Nipsey Hussle ft. Rick Ross “Proud of That” (Rotation)
    22. Big Boi ft. Theophilus London & Tre Luce 
    “She Said OK”
    23. Young Fame ft. Clemm Rishad
    “Winning” (NW Music)
    24. Mach Five ft. Gangsta Boo “Turn Up Juice”
    24. Cypress & Rusko “Roll it, Light It”
    25. Tank ft. T.I. & Kris Stephens “Compliments”
    26. Ludacris “Jingalin'”
    27. Eighty4 Fly ft. Neema “Go Slow” (NW Music)
    28. C-Bo ft. WC “187”
    29. Denzil Porter ft. Chris Reg “Whole Lotta O’s”
    30. Raz “They’ll Speak (NW Music)

    Click here to download the show!

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