• Fresh Juice 2014

    Fresh Juice #219 – Blu Elbow to the Gut

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    The craziness in America hit close to home this week when our guy Neema got elbowed in the gut by a meter maid for filming the arresting of his friend. Our police force is just getting more out of hand and I know we stand behind him in his mission to sue them for...

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    eminem - guts over fear

    Daily Rotation Adds on 8/30/14

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    Eminem is gearing up to release the Shady Record compilation SHADYXV on Black Friday and its first single “Guts Over Fear’ featuring Sia jumps into our heavy rotation. Usher drops “Believe Me” right when he announced that his UR Experience tour will include a Seattle date. It hasn’t been announced when or what venue...

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    Hometown Hero Documentary

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    1175452_604118186298369_1028889237_nLast year, Mr. Light Productions went on the road with the Yakima Valley’s Hometown hero and began assembling a documentary. Take a look at the first extended preview from it, as we gear up for the project’s official release.

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    Wale Rocknation Split

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    Wale’s searching for a new management home Wale has been with Roc Nation, Jay Z‘s record label, management company and sports agency, in a management capacity since 2009 when his debut album, Attention Deficit dropped, and today news has broken that he’s no longer with the Roc according to a report from XXL. From...

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    All Gold Independent

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    First there was this…


    … and in a flash, it was all gone.

    I heard a lot of grumbling and etc on how Trinidad James’ career was now over…, but in this modern age, my thoughts were, man, I’d love to be in his position.

    In a day in age where a DIY youtube tutorial can place you on the path to become a passable/professional graphic designer, videographer, photographer, filmmaker, and pro-grade SELF digital distribution… you name it, you can do it.

    Trinidad James has a audience reach of at least 100,000. Imagine a professional self-run team that connects with the evolution and continued push of the style he’s developed, professional graphic design, professional videos, and presentation… contact with the mags and radio stations… kickstarter/indiegogo and connect with an up-n-coming short film director… the possibilities are virtually endless…

    He could have the potential, if he had the correct business person, to take this “opportunity and advance”; I could only imagine where he could go.

    Heck, I feel like I could write a dope project for him. I think these show I have a basic idea of the film-making process.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling him a Kendrick, but he has an act that can keep pushing and do some interesting things with… the nightclub circuit is hurting a little and touring is the way to go. Who wouldn’t want to see him in a mini “Boondocks” type of cartoon and go through some little caper, Something Afro Dynamite style.

    I guess, indirectly i’m throwing some tips out there for he and other independent artist.

    Honestly, the sky’s the limit, and if you really want to make something happen, it can, it’s all about where you’re looking and how you intend to get there. Like, when you’re spending money on $180 worth of weed, maybe you can pinch that and invest that money into some new lenses or building a production house. Think five years, not for the moment.

    This is the information age, what you need, is out there for free, and the elite grade of that info is available with a little hard work.

    Speaking of hard work, MTV recently caught up with Trinidad, check it out here.

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    Mr. Black’s Artist of the week

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    Donte was excited and humbled with a huge cheese smile at KUBE 93 studios on Sunday Night Sound Sessions with DJ Hyphen and Jonathan “J.” Moore. “Going behind Spac3Man I had to do something,” Donte said to J when asked about wildy hopping from the stage to the bar in a recent performance. Stealin’...

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