• Fresh Juice #226 – White Men Can’t Hear

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    Fresh Juice 2014

    If ever being about anything, Fresh Juice has always been about hearing over listening. The radio stations that play the same 5 songs and the award shows that applaud those songs such as the BET Awards never hear the music because hearing never makes anybody money. They listen while we hear. Portland group Neka and...

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    Daily Rotation Adds on 10/17/14

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    big k.r.i.t.

    Cadillac-Lac-Lac-Lac what a glorious album Big K.R.I.T. is planning to drop in November and the title track is a true banger jumping into our heavy rotation. Veterans B.o.B and Trey Songz collab on a soon to be hit “Not For Long.” The new grouping PRhyme composed of Royce Da 5’9″ and DJ Premier unleashes their first...

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    Telegraph Ave… (Oakland)

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    There are some artist who are such “weirdo rappers” that they help to redefine a niche within a genre, and by doing so, help the genre get in touch with it’s roots again.

    You know, makes you think in terms of art, true creativity, express yourself to the fullest, always.

    If you haven’t heard of him, Meet Childish Gambino.

    From the album because the internet: http://smarturl.it/becausetheinternet






    Berner: Shatter

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    Berner and B-Real recently hooked up for the visual to their collab, “Shatter”.

    And they make it known, “No Matter what you smoke, we smoke better.”

    This track is for my Dab conseuirs. Turn up, leave some feedback, if you don’t pass out first. ;)

    Support a GREAT CAUSE! Saturday October 18th @ 9pm

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    10675639_702207126523586_1186458762385304754_nSupport this good cause this coming Saturday October 18th from 9pm-2am!  10% of the proceeds go to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. This is a pink and black affair. Performances by Baby J, Che’real, FlyGurl Britt, M.O.E.T., Lady P, Lyssa, & Taylor Made. This event is at Maxim’s 5608 Rainier Ave South Seattle, WA 98118 $10 tickets sold at the door. You can pre purchase tickets for only $6 by contacting Ross 2067330100
    Or Flaca Flame 2063702282~

    Into The Light

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    Oh my goodness. (It’s that goodness where you skip saying the “D” entirely to make sure everyone gets your point.)

    This is it! This is the approach and step you should want to take with your hip-hop music.

    The main man, Jay Electronica just dropped the documentary trailer for his upcoming project. Peep it out, let us know your thoughts.

    Keep the movement going mi gente.

    BoyzIIMen: Talking Underwater

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    In the early 90s, Boyz II Men reigned supreme over most other bands (I have to tip my hate to Commissioned, one of their prime influences, and later, produced a few records together.).

    Since the late 90s, they’ve seemed to sort of fade away into oblivion. With a question, is their a place for a group like Boyz II Men in modern August Alsina & Drake ruled Male R&B? (Let’s not forget, Usher too.).

    My simple answer, yes.

    When I listen to this track, it’s straight Pop, but it is Boyz II Men. You listen to it, and don’t feel like you need a shower afterwards, or feel like calling your EX and leave 30 voicemails (aka The Drake Complex).

    In the culture that is in the shape it is currently in, you need records like this that are simple, powerful, an uplifting take… and most importantly positive.

    If it has hope. I am a fan.

    Check it out and let me know what you think.

    I Do It In The Studio: Justice LeaguexDj Khalad

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    For this part of the, “I Do It In The Studio” series, I figured we should take a look at the “Producer” side of the hip-hop game.

    Typically as a large percentage of modern artist, it’s about grabbing a beat and just writing (or going off the dome).

    When an artist and producer understands each others end, and want to work for the best, I personally feel it helps the two hit another level in their individual craft.

    Check it out, and let us know what you think.