• The Curious Case of Michael Brown cont.

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    louis-head-father-of-mike-brown-killed-by-ferguson-mo-policeRead Pt. I here.

    This case continues to grow stranger and stranger.

    Remember the evidence released where “Mike Brown” was shown stealing cigars and the fact that the police officer suspected Mike Brown stole the cigars?

    Well, it turns out there’s visual evidence that shows Mike actually purchased the cigars, and the call to the police that he stole it… wasn’t from the actual store but from a customer INSIDE the store…

    Click here for a little more on that fact.

    Conspiracy theories continue to abound… who is the person who called and reported the false fact that Mike Brown stole the cigars? Is the St. Louis PD tracing that? Was that person (who reported the theft), part of a larger triangle.

    If you expect the media to tell you the truth, you’ll be left with the same deduction i’ve come to. I don’t know (who the person was and their true intent) and No, I don’t expect much truth.

    One good that has come from this case, is when I see the interviews of the bloods/crips uniting for the sake of peace, I must admit, it is nice.

    Actually, it’s more than nice, it’s a miracle. Anyone living around NY, Philly, Atlanta, New Orleans, Cali, and the others hubs during the blood/crip war knows exactly what I mean…

    Before I post the J. Cole visit to Ferguson, I have to say this, if we can continue to keep bonding together in unity and not allow the forces that continue to try and paint a certain picture of what’s going on there, to be proven right, we can continue to invoke the change we’ve wanted to see for years.

    I don’t know, maybe my thoughts are so obviously pronounced because at the age of 12, when my friend Raynard Johnson was hung in his front yard, and the community watched as the Marion County Police Department, allowed all evidence of the crime scene to be purposefully contaminated and immediately ruled it as a suicide… then I watched my dad and countless others march with Jesse Jackson for peace.

    Then in a split second of being alone, I had a shotgun pointed in my face as a truck full of red necks with two kids told me, “Go back to Africa, nigger.”

    Maybe that’s why I had such a huge issues with those who aren’t black in the PNW say the word “Nigga” as much as they do… seriously, that word’s thrown around more than that cheerleader at the end of the college year frat party… The point is, I’ve experienced pain and have watched the Justice system, the servants of the people, cover it up…

    But I’ve also witnessed something even greater, watching the Unity of spirit and body of that magnitude, and the exposing of the cowardice and fear of a people who are afraid to let the old ways die… It crushes you, but then you develop an innate yearning to stand for right. Also, when you factor in that the bible clearly states what true religion is, caring for the oppressed, fatherless, homeless, and etc, for a person like myself, right carries an even strong weight.

    But back to Ferguson… If the people of that Missouri town truly rioted and did everything that certain groups are screaming for them to do, and begin to avoid the proven mantra of peace that Megdar Evers… Martin Luther showed us… the movement will be lost.

    Look people, the simple fact is this, Martin Luther King lives in supreme honor overall during the civil rights era, because of his message of peace built upon one foundation (faith), and carrying it out.

    Yes, he died for it, but the truth was revealed… let’s not forget that in the 90s, his family did win a lawsuit that stated that our own US government Agencies were responsible for his death… bet you didn’t see that on your 6:00 pm news, but you did hear and see Monica Lewinski all over 20/20 for half of the year.

    Once again, you can’t trust the media, you have to do the research and find out the truth for yourself, perhaps someone can answer this in the comments for me… Who said, If you don’t pay attention, the media will have you thinking the Oppressed are the oppressors, and the oppressors are the oppressed?

    Continuing on about the beauty of our Justice System, a cop was recently fired for killing someone’s dog, but the officer involved in Mike Brown’s case… 2 weeks paid leave.

    People wonder why there’s such a distrust among the races and naive views that should’ve been dispelled with the civil rights era. When multiple’s mens’ lives are considered no higher than a dog. While I do not condone the abuse and unlawful killing of animals, the equality and sanctity of the minority man can not continue to be undermined.

    Here I am thinking the way to get paid is by being honest and working hard, I guess you just shoot someone and cause a riot, and then you’ll get two weeks off with pay to think on it.

    It’s ashame, as I write this, a (paraphrased) line from Kendrick Lamar pops in my head, “My death is inevitable, but whatever story the media feeds you about my death, don’t believe it.” I can only imagine what my future holds if I continue to be outspoken on issues like this.

    All in all, raise your voice, do not let hate nor the system define you, research the truth for yourself, exercise your own mind, protect the oppressed, and stand for right.

    Mr. Black’s Go Juice artist of the week

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    In an extremely quick amount of time, Porter Ray has become a Seattle legend of magnificent proportions. Right now, somewhere in the heart of the central district, he is more than likely living the vivid depictions of his songs that he writes so diligently: ” With weed pipes, suede puma closet, g-nikes/Hella high in...

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    Passion and Purity

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    60344d3b1889d2be66e716b5100d4569I typed in, Powerful Indie Artist and this track by S.O. popped up, and something attracted me to it.

    Let’s face it, I like different and artistry that’s not afraid to stand for the truth they believe, and S.O. Definitely is one of those guys.

    Check out Passion and Purity.

    Purchase So It Continues:
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/so-…
    Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/So-It-Continues…
    Physical: http://www.lampmode.com/store



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    will-smithLong gone are the days where DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith ruled every conceivable form of media… TV, Movies, Music… come to think of it, who’s really done it like they have since?

    The two recently rejoined and Mr. Smith rocked the mic. I think he’s still got it, what do you think?