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    Death Warrant

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    I remember the first time I saw Sadistik perform live with Mike Champoux and Coaster, in the Yakima Valley.


    I don’t really know how else to sum it up.

    In this age of theatrics and performance merging, there’s very few artist that hold the ability to be a “true” emcee, and captivate an audience with just their presence and performance (Wildcard is one of those performers).

    If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard this track, don’t despair, I have a cut from Sadistik’s new project, Ultraviolet, the very dark track, Death Warrant, featuring (Onxy) Sticky Fingaz and  (StrangeMusic’s) Tech9.

    Check the track out here: Death Warrant ft. Sticky Fingaz Tech9

    You can catch Sadistik on August 9th in Seattle at The Vera Project, grab your tickets here.

    Follow him on Twitter: @TheRealSadistik

    Break dancing Jesus and Predator

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    Screen-Shot-2014-07-25-at-3.36.00-PMBreak dancing Jesus and Predator

    Future recently dropped the new video for Coupe. Peep it out.

    Check the Video Out Here [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNwQeiK1O9Y]

    This video has been causing quite the stir, and why not? Where else can you see a break dancing Jesus and Predator drinking on Jesus juice together (I sense a bit of cannibalistic agenda there).

    Anyways, I love animation, and the style of the video is nice. If you’re still reading this and haven’t peeped it out, go do it then leave some feedback and tell us at Go Juice what you think about the new video.

    You Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout NUTHIN!

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    lecraeYears ago back in 2004, I remember talking to J’Son (now CEO of Lampmode Records), and he asked me if I had heard of Lecrae, “No,” was my response… what came next? “Light, you need to get off the phone now, visit this website, check him out, and hit me back once you’re done.”

    Ten years later i’m watching him continue to extraordinarily rize through the industry with a Jay-Z like navigation, despite his music refuting everything that modern day hip-hop has seemed to embody.

    Check out Lecrae’s new single, You Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Nuthin’, and leave us some feedback on what you think about it, engage in the age old discussion, does religion have a place in Hip Hop, if you desire.

    Check the track out here> [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCFCSNJxMYA]


    Facebook: http://lecrae.cta.gs/007
    Twittter: @Lecrae
    Instagram: @Lecrae

    They say he’s just a friend??? I HEARD THAT!!! Biz Markie WHATTTT is comin’ to town! Sept. 03 2014

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    Biz Markie (THEY SAY HE’S JUST A FRIEND) 25th anniversary is coming to town ya’ll at the infamous fabulous Nuemos in Seattle, WA this September 3rd @ 8:00pm. You can get your presale tickets at www.stubhub.com or 925 EAST PIKE STREET SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 98122. It appears tickets are selling fast and what is left is selling at...

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    Putting that Work in: #1 – I do it in the Studio

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    9th-Wonder-Big-Krit-Jayforce.com_This video is a bit of a throwback, but as an emcee, I figured this bit of eye-candy will help other emcees and their approach to being in the stu’!

    9th Wonder gushes about why he loves working with K.R.I.T. and the difference between working with the Mississippian and other artist.


    Emcees, let it be known, voice your thoughts, how do you like getting down in the studio? (Besides the bottle of Cognac and pounds of dro, because we know everyone’s balling like that… but that’s another discussion piece.)

    Follow the link to peep it out: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr2G0CBUaCE]

    That’s Kendrick, That’s Drake, I’m Killin N*ggas…

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    childishDonald Glover aka Childish Gambino… you know, that geeky creative black kid you used to tease every day because his family wanted more for his life. He’s become kinda successful, and his confidence is growing as well.

    Take a look at this video where he calls out some of the favorite rappers in your top five and let’s them know what the business is. Now, tell us what the bid’ness is, what do you think about it?

    Till 3005, see you guys again soon.




    Paper Trail pt. II and No Medicore

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    Atlanta rapper helps kicks off 93.7′s Behind the Beat series. TI recently did an interview for 93.7′s Behind The Beat Series, and talked about his upcoming album, the leak for “Stay,” and the connection it may or may not have with wife Tiny. Check out the excerpts below.

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    PNW good good, Desire Is

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    I’m still relatively new to the PNW scene, so don’t kill me, but I just came across this gem from Goldini Bagwell, based out of Portland, OR and i’m definitely digging the vibe. I’m interested to see what other videos the director, Sapient has as well, initially I wasn’t sure about it at the beginning, but within 8 seconds the beat, tone, and killa flow sucked me in.

    (My nigga flow is that kill kill)

    Check his music out and etc at the links below.


    Check it out, leave your comments below.

    Common drops new video, Diamonds

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    One of the dopest emcees to flow straight from the dome, Common, dropped a new album earlier this week, Nobody’s Smiling.

    I love what this project stands for,  a re-connection to Hip-hop is supposed to be, food for the streets.

    The new project centers around the youth violence epidemic plaguing the streets of Chi-town, the visuals are pretty stimulating, and the beats knocks with that classic hip-hop vibe.

    Something interesting about Nobody’s Smiling, it doesn’t feature any production by Yeezus, but was produced entirely by, NO I.D., is this album better or worse for it? Eitherway, voice your thoughts about the video and the project below, but for the love of God, just hit play.

    Fresh Juice #214 – 300 is Never Enough

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    Fresh Juice 2014

    We broke you off a piece of our recent interview with this year’s #1 Freshest in the Northwest, Raz Simone. The rapper fully explained his new deal with 300 along with his thoughts on the No Fly Zone idea and his impulse style of performing. We reviewed the Leezy Soprano album Never Enough which...

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