• Life That I Dreamed Of: Lil Boosie

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    If you’ve been keeping tabs on Lil’ Boosie, you know that he surprised us with a mixtape a little while back, and he’s still actively working on his album, Touchdown To Cause Hell.

    Check out the visuals for the video. It’s your standard hip-hop video, but the content of the song is a bit more founded.

    Lil’ Boosie talks about dreaming and aspirations of being more, as well as obstacles he faced from those around him to get there.

    Check it out and let us know what you think. Are you excited for Lil’ Boosie’s up coming album?

    #IDGT Lyric Video – Kevin GatesxAugust Alsina

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    Artist, if you need an example for grind and standing by what you speak, look to what we currently know of Kevin Gates.

    This track reminds me of the tracks (in vibe) that I’d hear growing up from the indie scene through the Dirty South and Mid-West hip-hop scene.

    I’m becoming more in-tune with Kevin Gates because of his apparent honest delivery in a mainstream fashion.

    Check it out and let us know what you think.

    TI ft. Young Thug, I Need War.

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    The irony of this video, and I’m going to pull my spoiler card.

    The two rappers are strapped up, ready to war and fight for what’s their rightful property… only for you to realize that it’s a paintball war.

    Kinda depressing and reminds me of our current state of hip-hop. Strapped up and looks like we’re going in, but… not so much.

    All in-all, visuals are nice and it looks like a lot of fun.

    With Young Thug, what else would you expect…. either-way, the duo is still killing the game, so there’s something to learn there.

    Check it out, give us some feedback and let us know what you think!

    Fresh Juice #231 – My Posse’s On MursDay

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    Fresh Juice 2014

    What a pleasure we had for you this week as we were able to share our interview with Strange Music act MursDay from when they rocked the Crocodile last Sunday. We had a great conversation with them about how Murs and MayDay got together, why they rock the smaller venues, what they think of...

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    Do you hear that? The Beyhive is buzzing pretty loud, maybe it’s because Mrs. 99 Problems But My Ass Ain’t One just dropped a new video for her track, “7/11″. Forget Kim Kardashian breaking the internet, Bey did it, and with a vengence. I’m curious to see the other female artist replies. Stay tuned,...

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    Rotation Adds on 11/21/14

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    You might have not noticed it, but hip hop took a time machine to 1994 this week. Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang bats double time with his “The Battlefield” being our latest heavy rotation add featuring Kool G Rap, AZ & Tre Williams for his December 9th album 36 Seasons and as part of the...

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